body/shine shampoo

This shampoo is pearlised to give a pleasant to use texture and to incorporate both proteins and moisturising agents. This shampoo is a very mild but effective cleanser for the scalp and hair. It does not dehydrate the scalp, does not leave it feeling tight, as the very gentle blend of cleansers protect both epidermis of the scalp and the cuticle of the hair from dehydration and damage.

This shampoo is highly effective for very dry, porous or damaged hair. It works equally well on fine highlighted hair as it does on coarse, wiry or frizzy hair. This shampoo is ideal for processed hair, dry or dull hair where very shiny hair is required.

To achieve this result of effective gentle cleansing we have used a blend of eight different cleansing agents.

We have also added four moisturising agents, which make up to 10% of the total ingredients. panthenol is also included giving body and improving hair texture.


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