silk/sheen conditioner

This conditioner is made from cationic waxes. Cation active conditioners create A + electrical charge in hair to prevent fly away and give a smoother finish to the hairstyle which is particularly useful for photographic hair styling.

Three different protein compounds are used in this conditioner.

Cashmere wool protein in highly substantive to hair. Of all proteins cashmere is most like human hair in it's balance of the 20 amino acids that make up hair protein. This gives body and strengthens hair.

Hydolised wheat protein/hydroxypropyl polysiloxane and cystine/silicone co-polymers. These posses a complex polymeric structure which cross-links on drying to form a conditioning and protective network providing protection against blow drying and heating. They also protect the hair against environmental pollutants as well as mechanical damage and can aid repair of split ends and aids combability.

The use of suitable proteins in hair conditioners also enhances the proteins in hair's natural elasticity. Hair in good condition will stretch up to 30% of it's own length.It is this elasticity that allows hair to be set or blow-dried. In both processes hair is stretched into a new shape either over rollers or with a brush. If hair cannot stretch to a new shape it cannot hold a new style therefore the greater the elastic bounce the longer the style will last.Like most substantive conditioners camomile conditioner works hardest on the distal or free end of the hair as this is the oldest and has had more wear and tear.

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